Denzel Washington might be a prisoner in David Guggenheim's Safe House

If you weren't into BOOK OF ELI, maybe another upcoming project with Denzel Washington might interest you.

Vulture is reporting that Washington is in talks to star in SAFE HOUSE, a film written by David Guggenheim. The script actually started a massive bidding war amongst studios with Universal winning out.

The deal was put together in effort to cement the relationship between the actor and WME agency after the passing of Washington's agent, Ed Limato. Co-CEO's Ari Emmanuel and Patrick Whitesell promised to deliver "hot, original material and big paydays". SAFE HOUSE might be exactly what they were looking for because of the heat already coming from the project.

The "hot script" in question is described by Vulture as:

"Set in South America, Safe House follows a young U.S. intelligence agent who must go on the run with a newly arrived prisoner (Denzel’s potential role) after his titular safe house comes under attack — think of a mix between Collateral and Three Days of the Condor."

Guggenheim wrote the script during his time as an editor for US Weekly magazine. Washington's next is UNSTOPPABLE with Chris Pine and Rosario Dawson due out in November.

Extra Tidbit: Washington was considered for the role of Detective Ricardo Tubbs opposite Don Johnson in MIAMI VICE.
Source: Vulture



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