Depp as Mad Hatter?

Will Johnny Depp and Tim Burton be reteaming for the umpteenth time on the upcoming Disney film ALICE IN WONDERLAND? That's the hot rumor currently circulating around the web. I've seen it on a variety of sites and none of them seem to indicate where the news came from so it could very well be made up. But given their history, it's not out of the question that Burton could bring Depp aboard to play The Mad Hatter. While we're huge Depp/Burton fans here at JoBlo.com, let's hope this is just a rumor. For one, the guys mined similar territory with CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. For two, that would turn ALICE into A Johnny Depp Film, when really that's not what it's about. But if they could do it in more of a performance capture Gollumesque manner, then maybe it'd be interesting (ya know, if it didn't really look like Johnny Depp at all). As I said before, this is just a rumor (albeit one that's spreading quickly), so let's wait and see before we go making any rash judgments. For more on Burton's ALICE including a look at his lead actress, check out our report from last week.

Extra Tidbit: Whatever Depp does it couldn't hold a candle to Tom Petty's legendary performance as The Mad Hatter.
Source: Celeb Edge



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