Disaster Artist trailer finds James Franco making a real Hollywood movie

THE DISASTER ARTIST chronicles the making of the movie THE ROOM (which has been given the crown of “The Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made”) and the story behind its creation is even crazier and funnier than the movie itself. James Franco wrote and directed the film and stars as the overly eccentric Tommy Wiseau, the man behind the mythic mess. With his erroneous sense of fashion, jet black hair and indistinguishable accent, Franco owns the new trailer as Wiseau, shedding light on the hilarity behind the madness that is THE ROOM.

The film also stars Dave Franco as Greg Sestero (who wrote the book the movie is based on), Tommy’s best friend; Seth Rogen as producer Sandy Schklair; Alison Brie as Greg’s girlfriend Amber and; many more. Rogen, in particular, seems great as Schklair, a man who cannot seem to fathom Wiseau’s style and personality, and the movie is being lauded at festivals and is slated for an Oscar-season release of December 1. Every time I watch the trailer I find myself laughing harder and harder and being immersed in Franco’s Wiseau. I could watch this all day, and THE DISASTER ARTIST remains one of the most anticipated of the year. It is a big Hollywood movie after all.

THE DISASTER ARTIST arrives December 1

Source: A24



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