Disney plans to open Star Wars-themed resort & make our dreams come true

Disney has done everything under the sun to immerse us into their world of creatures, animated characters and superheroes except go full-on WESTWORLD mode. All that is about to change, as Disney has announced plans to open a STAR WARS-themed resort that will cater to every guest's deepest sci-fi fantasy – including letting us find out what space mints taste like.

The plans for the resort were unveiled this weekend at D23, and though there are no key dates available yet as to its opening, a few special details were shared that will surely make you pass out from excitement:

  • All employee’s (“cast members”) will be in costume and character all the time.
  • You, as a guest, will also be given the “proper attire” and a back story that Bob Chapek, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, said will “touch every single minute of your day.”
  • The resort is meant to make you feel like you’re in space, so the windows will only show video and images of space. Honestly, who needs the sun anyway?

The purpose of the resort, according to Chapek, is to create an entirely immersive experience that makes you feel like you’re a part of the STAR WARS universe. As of right now, there are only plans to offer the resort at the Florida Disney World location, so you better start booking a ton of random flights down there immediately. You gotta be ready for any possible launch date.

Between this and the STAR WARS Land theme park, Disney is really pulling out all the stops to give fans the greatest experience of their entire lives. They have the money and brain power to create anything and everything a STAR WARS fan could dream of, and I have no doubt they will be the first ones to create consumer friendly space vehicles. There is no end to their well, and we should all thank the gods for that.

Check out STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI on December 15.

Source: Disney Parks



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