Disney puts forth tease of The Force Awakens' presence in Star Tours

The excitement for STAR WARS grows more and more palpable with each passing day as we get closer and closer to December and a new saga adventure. THE FORCE AWAKENS is nearly here, and everywhere you turn, there is something else to remind you of its proximity and your enthusiasim for it.

Right now, it feels as if we can't possibly consume enough to satisfy our appetities for it, and that even includes our ability to be a part of it soon enough once Disney adds it into their theme parks. We knows STAR WARS Land, or whatever they're going to call it, is on the way, but, before we get to that point, we're going to at least get a taste of the larger possibilities with THE FORCE AWAKENS being incorporated into what they already have with Star Tours.

Once December hits, the plan is make THE FORCE AWAKENS a part of the attraction, including aspects of it as one of the randomly selected sequences that could show up as you take your turn to ride. Today Disney has teased what exactly will be a part of it, drawing from a dogfight set-up we've already caught a glimpse of in the trailers, involving TIE-fighters and the Millennium Falcon. Does this mean we may actually wind up with the voice of Harrison Ford as Han Solo within Star Tours, offering up commands to our Starspeeder 1000? Hmmm... And what other sequences might be added in?

New experiences opening as part of Star Tours starting December 1.

Source: Disney Parks



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