Disney's most popular sisters return in the trailer for Frozen Fever


You didn't think that the highest-grossing animated film of all time would just come and go like that, did you? While Disney isn't able to assemble a fully-fledged sequel quite fast enough, what they did put together is a brand new animated short featuring the same cast and crew.  In FROZEN FEVER, the story revolves around Anna's birthday as Elsa and Kristoff are determined to give her the best celebration ever. Elsa then finds herself catching a cold, with her powers putting more than just the party at risk. The short is set to screen before CINDERELLA but just in case you couldn't wait until next month to check out the whole thing, you can watch the trailer below.

Given that children are seemingly immune to marketing over-saturation, I'm sure there will be plenty of parents lining up with their kids to see CINDERELLA next month. It may surprise you to know that I really dug FROZEN, but I'm a little iffy of revisiting that world. At the very least, Disney was smart enough to bring back the same cast and crew to try and capture that box-office magic. I suppose we'll have an idea of how well they do when we see CINDERELLA's numbers next month.

FROZEN FEVER will screen in front of CINDERELLA, which hits theaters on March 13.



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