Dreamworks Animation is shifting distribution from Paramount to 20th Century Fox

Beginning in 2013, Paramount will no longer distribute the films of Dreamworks Animation. While this will not impact what you see on screen, this is a big move behind the scenes. All of the planned films from the studio, including sequels to HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, KUNG FU PANDA, and MADAGASCAR will now be marketed and distributed by Fox, who have their own animation branch that includes films like RIO and ICE AGE.

That means that RISE OF THE GUARDIANS will be the final Paramount/Dreamworks collaboration. Paramount is developing their own animation arm with JJ Abrams. While the results of that new partnership remain to be seen, I have so far been unimpressed by the output over at Fox. Sure, RIO was cute, but I cannot stand the ICE AGE movies. Maybe this was their chance to legitimize their animation product by using the established Dreamworks canon. Dreamworks has definitely pulled up as the closest quality competitor to Pixar in recent years. The last six Dreamworks animated films have all been very enjoyable and RISE OF THE GUARDIANS looks to continue that streak.

Here is the statement from Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg:

[Fox Co-Chairmen] Jim Gianopulos and Tom Rothman have built a world-class distribution team and we are excited to apply their expertise, robust infrastructure and global resources so that DreamWorks Animation’s films can reach their fullest possible potential over the next five years.

Starting in 2013, DreamWorks Animation content will be distributed in the more traditional markets under a fee structure that is similar to our existing arrangement with our current distributor. However, our new agreement with Fox presents more favorable economics overall for DreamWorks Animation because we are taking advantage of lower costs associated with the emerging digital distribution landscape and managing domestic television distribution in-house.

What do you think of this switch? Will it impact anything on the screen or just behind it?

Source: The Film Stage



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