Dwayne Johnson and Brett Ratner teaming for Hercules

Looks like Dwayne Johnson is returning to SCORPION KING territory. The former wrestler will team with director Brett Ratner for HERCULES. The film is scheduled to start filming in early spring of 2013.

This version of the Greek myth is based on the Radical Comics series "Hercules: The Thracian Wars" which takes place in barbarian Thrace rather than Greece. In the comic book, Hercules follows the Thracian King’s orders and trains the Thracian army into one that excels in its ruthlessness.

Sounds like a very 300-esque story. I like Dwayne Johnson a lot. He is a fun actor who I was pleasantly surprised didn't turn out to be a professional wrestling dud when it came to acting. I would prefer to see him stick to action roles over the Disney comedies, but this project does absolutely nothing for me. It sounds uninspired and generic and having Ratner behind the camera will do nothing positive for it.

It sounds like it has summer potential for MGM and Paramount, but I will wait until I hear who else joins the cast before I get too excited.

Source: Deadline



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