Early Justice League reactions call the film an enjoyable but flawed ride

If there's any news comic book fans need to know right now at this very moment or they're going to lose it regards if JUSTICE LEAGUE is good or not.  Past films like BATMAN V. SUPERMAN and SUICIDE SQUAD were met poorly, while WONDER WOMAN is considered a serious Oscar contender, so no one knows what to think for LEAGUE. Though the review embargo for the movie doesn't lift until Wednesday, November 15, the social media embargo has already been lifted and those who have seen it are taking to Twitter to voice their opinions.  Our own Paul Shirey got to see the flick, and like him, other critics seem to have had a fun ride with the film, despite the fact it has numerous flaws. Critics are praising the cast and lighter tone of the movie, with low points being a clunky narrative and weak villain in Steppenwolf. But all in all, it seems there are plenty of folks seeing it who left the theater thrilled. Oh, and thank Paul for letting us know if we need to stay in our seats or not. Thanks, Paul!

If we were to summarize the reviews, it looks like it will fall somewhere between not as good as WONDER WOMAN, but not as bad as BVS or SS. Overall it seems like those who watched it had a fun time, even if it's not fun enough to overlook all the present flaws. But, in the end, I think  JUSTICE LEAGUE has advertised itself as a fun ride and doesn't really look like it's trying to be anything else. For me, this is good news, as it signals an entertaining time at the movies, even if it's not perfect.

JUSTICE LEAGUE hits theaters November 17, and stay tuned for our full review a few days before that.

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