Early reactions to Ghostbusters should ease nervous hearts

Sometimes you just need to know, ya know? As a movies release date approaches closer and closer there's this overwhelimg need to shout, "Just tell me if it's good so I can move on with my life!" You just can't wait any longer and need to know, like a kid who wants a bike for Christmas and see a gift in the corner that looks like a bike but could also be a kayak. Especially when it comes to movies that have so much riding it, like this years GHOSTBUSTERS reboot. So many fans and casual moviegoers are painfully waiting to read the first critic reviews so they know to either go "I knew it!" or "hmmm, well, I guess we shall see..."

Well, wait no longer, my impatient friends, because the folks at Comic Book report the movie has been seen by a very select, secret, elite group of cinema insiders whose word is final when it comes to the quality of a movie. Actually, I don't know about all those adjectives, but it's been seen, and those who have seen it are people. Here's what those people are saying!

Now, for me the standout is Oswalt. Not only is he one of the funniest people ever to breathe the same air as us, but he's also been a longtime film geek who, probably more than anyone, would critque this movie honestly. Plus, he really has no reason to lie. It's not like he has a deal with Sony to give the movie a positive stamp and in return he gets 1,000 Spider-Man plated gold debloons.

Though I was never a big fan of that first trailer, I never thought the movie looked "bad". A movie with such funny people in it and behind the camera can't not be at least a little good. So it warms me to hear that the one consensus from the three is that it's hilarious. That's all I need. I don't need a movie about ghost busters to be life affirming, unlike the movie's most impassioned haters. And for those haters, below are two new clips. Enjoy!

Source: Comic Book



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