Ready Player One reactions hail it as a dazzling Spielberg triumph

There have been a lot of naysayers out there voicing their not-so-excited feelings over READY PLAYER ONE. Some believe it's purely a nostalgia cash grab that sports what could be wonky, ugly visuals. Well, some of those naysayers could end up eating those words for breakfast, lunch and dinner, because the movie screened at SXSW last night (to technical difficulties, including the sound cutting out) and word is the movie is a visually dazzling triumph that works as an ode both to cinema and geek culture.  Plenty of critics and journalists (and director Robert Rodriguez) were on-hand to watch the movie, and many of the reactions are hailing director Steven Spielberg for crafting a movie that is pure entertainment of the best kind, saying that they, and the crowd, loved every minute. The movie received a standing ovation, as you will see in a tweeted video below.

Here are some of the reactions!

However, not everyone was cheering during the standing ovation, and were not swayed by the colorful referecnes

Like always, you should wait to see the movie yourself, but these early reactions are always great to see how the first batch of viewers liked/disliked a movie. Even simply serviceable Spielberg movies can provide thrills, heart and quality filmmaking, but it seems READY PLAYER ONE proves that when the director turns in something great it's pure movie magic that dazzles like nothing else. Get ready to cough up all your money, geeks of the world!

READY PLAYER ONE arrives March 30.

Source: Twitter



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