Egerton & Tatum are gun ready in new Kingsman 2 pics & new details emerge

Last week we got ourselves a first look at the crew from KINGSMAN 2: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE, including Taron Egerton’s Eggsy and Halle Berry’s Ginger. Now that the first images have broken we can expect more and more goodies to start rolling out, like the ones I have for you today, which include two better looks at Eggsy and Channing Tatum’s Statesman character, now known as Agent Tequila:

The images come via Empire, and though they don’t reveal much they do feature the characters sporting some nifty firepower:

See, nifty little guns.

Director Matthew Vaughn spoke to matching the film's craziness, including trying give us something different than just another "church sequence":

There’s an opportunity with Kingsman 2 to make it bigger and bolder and funnier and crazier...The church sequence, everyone wants something like that. But we’ve got action sequences which are just as original but different.

As for the band of new characters and Eggsy's grander character arc:

They’re great characters. They’re multi-billionaires with huge jets, and their base is a giant distillery in Kentucky. We’ve got all this fun Americana and we’re combining it with the Englishness.
We’ve got a huge arc for Eggsy. Where does he go? What does he have to learn? And now he’s got a huge moral dilemma the audience will totally relate to.

The dynamic relationship between Tatum’s American spy and Egerton’s Kingsman agent is one of the many, many, many reasons I’m dying to see THE GOLDEN CIRCLE. The two look like they’ll have a fun time together, killing baddies and debating tea versus coffee. I’m digging how Tatum is rocking an old school rifle, while Egerton’s gun has this interesting brown hue to it. I ain’t a gun guy, but like Nick Nolte says in TROPIC THUNDER, “I don’t know what it’s called. I only know the sound it makes when it takes another man’s life.” Was that a weird reference? Yeah, I think so.

KINGSMAN 2 arrives September 29.

Source: Empire



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