Emma Frost and Sebastian Shaw are feeling blue in new First Class still

I still have mixed feelings about how I think X-MEN: FIRST CLASS is going to turn out, but the fact that Kevin Bacon is in the film as one of the lead baddies certainly is a few points in the “pro” column.

Empire has a brand new still from the film in their newest issue, and it’s a look at his character, Sebastian Shaw, and January Jones’ Emma Frost hanging around in their evil lair, which has some very strange lighting. What’s the purpose of this room, and what’s the mystery device in the middle? I’m not quite sure, but if they stay in there long enough I’m guessing they’re going to get very, very tan.

Check out the picture below, and head over to Empire to see it blown up further because you want to better see Frost’s ass in the mirror reflection.

Extra Tidbit: I would like to see more of Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique please. Make that happen Fox.
Source: Empire



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