Exclusive: Boobs and beat downs in this red band Mechanic clip!

During this past Sunday's football games, I repeatedly saw the commercial for THE MECHANIC. Normally I get sick of repetitive commercials (especially for movies) but I couldn't help but love every time Jason Statham pops out of the water and harpoons that dude in the back of the knee. Best.

Luckily for us, that's just the beginning of the beat downs Jason Statham is about to unleash in THE MECHANIC (in theaters this Friday). We've got an exclusive RED BAND clip from the film in which he has to wipe a dude out and then frame the scene to make it look like he was never there. Lesbian porn comes into the equation too...

Since the clip is restricted, you'll need to head to JoBlo Video and pass the age gate before you can view. Click on any of the pics below to check out the exclusive red band MECHANIC clip!

Why is Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) looking at lesbian porn? Watch the red-band clip!

Source: JoBlo.com



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