Exclusive clip and interview w/ YouTube Red Fight of the Living Dead Stars!

What do you get when you put a bunch of YouTube's brightest in a secret location with a bunch of zombies? Well, you'd probably have something like the YouTube Red series Fight of the Living Dead. Recently, we at JoBlo.com took a trip to Escape Hotel in Hollywood where we were able to try and get out of a locked room with the constant fear of the undead charging in - we did. As well, we sat down with two of the stars of the show, Brandon Bowen and Rahat Hossain, to talk zombie flicks and what it was like to be chased by the undead. We were also joined by a zombie I decided to name "Bob." He was pretty hungry during the interview I think.

If you are looking for some flesh eating fun, you can check out this Exclusive Clip from the new season of Fight of the Living Dead which is heading into its second season. Are you ready to play with dead things? Well perhaps this clip will convince you... The dead are coming!

Source: JoBlo.com



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