Exclusive Interview: Muppets Most Wanted Stars Ricky Gervais and Constantine

Ricky Gervais is a funny guy. Cast him opposite an evil Muppet named Constantine who looks a lot like Kermit and you have a hilarious pairing. As talented as Mr. Gervais may be, it is hard for the poor fella to not feel like a “Number 2” to a sing-song criminal frog. The witty pair make for a terrific twosome in MUPPETS MOST WANTED, a film that put a smile on my face for the entire run. Gervais is perfectly cast as the fittingly named ‘Dominic Badguy.’

Sitting down with Constantine (puppeteer Matt Vogel) and Ricky Gervais pretty much had me laughing the second I walked in. Mr. Gervais was very kind and of course he is extremely talented. The two shared a playful chemistry in the film, and it translated to the interview as well. Even with Vogel doing what he does it was easy to forget that I wasn’t talking to a real life “Evil Frog.” Now I must add that I found so much funny and I laughed so hard that it wasn’t much of an interview… We did find out that Gervais isn’t the dancer that his amphibian costar is.

If you love Muppets - and I’m betting many of you do - make sure you check out MUPPETS MOST WANTED this Friday at a theater near you. Oh, and Ricky follows us on Twitter (see below) and you can, too by clicking here!

Source: JoBlo.com



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