Exclusive Interview: Spy Stars Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham!

You have to credit writer/director Paul Feig. Who would have ever thought pairing up Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham would be such a winning combination. In the new comedy SPY, the two play off of each other perfectly and it is an absolute blast to watch. The dynamic duo have a ton of chemistry together, and yes, Statham is hilarious.

It is always terrific to chat with Statham, but this was my first time talking to McCarthy. And sitting across from the two actors, it is no surprise that they had such a delightfully fun on-screen camaraderie. They talked about tackling the humor and the adventure, and both were incredibly fun to chat with. SPY is a blast, and for Statham fans it is a huge treat to see him have a little fun with action stereotypes. And speaking of being a Spy, I had the opportunity to get my own personal Spy identity and you can check that out below. SPY opens this Thursday at a theatre near you and it's pretty damn funny.

Source: JoBlo.com



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