Exclusive Interview: The Raid 2 Director & Star Gareth Evans and Iko Uwais

In THE RAID 2, writer director Gareth Evans takes the insane violence from the first film and builds a massive crime drama around it. With Iko Uwais returning as Rama, the actor continues to prove that sometimes finding somebody capable of handling the stunt work is a good thing to have in this kind of flick. The two continue to work together to create an intense action fueled ride that fans of the first will no doubt find a whole lot to love.

Recently I sat down with both Evans and Uwais to talk about THE RAID 2. Gareth discussed going from a straight action film to a crime drama and giving the two films distinct personalities. Iko – with the help of a translator – talked about the challenge he faced this time around with building his character. Finally Mr. Evans mentioned the possibility of THE RAID 3 and what may become of it. THE RAID 2 opens this Friday at a theatre near you.

Source: JoBlo.com



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