Fall Out Boy & Missy Elliott release their version of the Ghostbusters theme

With tent pole films come songs to accompany the soundtrack by the latest artists of today's pop music world. Much like video game adaptations, these songs are generally pretty bad and forgotten before the film's theatrical run is even over. That wasn't the case with Ray Parker Jr.'s GHOSTBUSTERS theme (despite riffing on Huey Lewis' New Drug), and now it's time for an "updated" version brought to us by Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott. Be brave, my friends.

Admittedly I've never sat down and listened to Fall Out Boy, but this is bad. This is the kind of bad that makes you want to take off your headphones, book a ticket on the earliest flight leaving your town and travel hundreds of miles away to a foreign city. You'll take the time to learn some of the customs and make new friends and become one with the community. Then, all of a sudden, you'll throw yourself off of the highest point in town. People will wonder why you did it, before discovering a note on your mangled corpse that reads, "Ghostbusters (I'm Not Afraid) by Fall Out Boy featuring Missy Elliott."

GHOSTBUSTERS will open in theaters on July 15, 2016.

Source: YouTube



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