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Other than the fact that we almost joined the afterlife on our way back home, this year's FANGORIA WEEKEND OF HORRORS was an all-out success on various levels. For one, we drank like fish and had a blast, both of which the Arrow and I definitely needed (and required, I believe). For two, we met ALL KINDS of cool peeps from JoBlo and Arrow fans (with books to sign and pictures to take...wow!) to the Beantown Threesome (women who love movies are an aphrodisiac to yours truly) to webmasters (the guys/girl from Creature-Corner were f*ckin' cool peeps) to celebs, directors, studio reps and everyone else including the friendly maids (if you know what I mean), Tony Timpone, the man who runs Fangoria magazine, the friggin' cool-ass waiter who served us some of the best damn burgers in town, Popeye's chicken and even the militant security guards, who shouted orders to everyone like they were back in 'Nam, but who also got shit as organized as can be...under the circumstances (Victor!!!!!!!!)

But most importantly to you all is surely the panels, the info, the scoops, the pics and the latest news on the horror mania that was presented at this year's event up to and including HELLBOY, DAWN OF THE DEAD, BROKEN LIZARD'S CLUB DREAD, RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE, TEXAS CHAINSAW and CABIN FEVER DVDs and loads more! My highlight was partying with almost everyone there, including the very down-to-earth and groovy dude director of CABIN FEVER Eli Roth, as well as our "encounters" with the man who played Leatherface in the TEXAS CHAINSAW remake, a man who seemed to have the absolute right attitude for the weekend (aka party-hardy)

My lowlights included the lack of alcohol after 1am, Tom Savini picking up his cellular phone in the middle of his panel (thumbs down, dude), the lack of microphones given to audience members who wanted to ask questions (I can't f*ckin' hear what the guy is asking, man!) and Guillermo Del Toro not showing up (I'm a big fan). Buuuuuuut, in his defense, he was cool enough to videotape a sincere message to everyone in attendance (he had surgery and his doctor wouldn't allow him to fly), in which he charmed the pants out of everyone, with his humor, his enthusiasm and his overall cool nature. He said that he was really sorry not to have been able to attend because he wanted to walk around and buy "crap" like the rest of us. Great man!

But without further ado...head on over to the Arrow's f*ckin' brilliant write-up of the event, which includes details galore, pictures galore (a few of which can be seen below-- all of which are given descriptions if you swing your mouse over them), the Arrow's unique style galore, as well as plenty of behind-the-scenes tidbits and goodies. If you love horror-- heck, even if you don't-- CHECK IT OUT NOW!!!!

Fango Con JoBlo and the Arrow....drunk

TCM's Leatherface and the Arrow The Arrow getting intimate with a fan

The Arrow, Eli Roth and JoBlo Creature Corner's Johnny Butane, Arrow, JoBlo and CC's Ryan Rotten

Mike Sampson with JoBlo Sleepaway Camp's Felissa Rose with the Arrow

JoBlo with 'friends' Broken Lizard



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