Fifty Shades Darker rated R for sexual content, in other news: water is wet

You know, I'm not going to shit on FIFTY SHADES OF GREY or its upcoming sequel FIFTY SHADES DARKER. It's not my thing, but as its large box-office take shows, there are certainly a lot of fans. True, a lot of that revenue came from older women, which honestly just goes to show how few films are aimed at them now (like how Tyler Perry movies make so much money due to attendance by African-American audiences that are similarly underserved). And sure, FIFTY SHADES came from TWILIGHT fan-fiction, but there have been great movies made on shakier premises (like the awesome LEGO MOVIE). My only gripe is its inaccurate depiction of a BDSM relationship, but even that's not unusual for Hollywood (although still unfortunate).

Anyway, FIFTY SHADES DARKER has officially been rated R for "strong erotic sexual content, some graphic nudity, and language." Seems par the course. I'd be surprised if it was anything else, frankly.

So any fans of the films or novels? And if so, how do you think the sequel looks so far?

Either way, FIFTY SHADES DARKER - starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan - will f*ck its way into theaters February 10th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: Mr. Grey is also the name of Jame Spader's character in SECRETARY, of which FIFTY SHADES OF GREY shares a lot in common.



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