First Ghostbusters footage revealed in announcement trailer

We finally have a date we can circle on the calendar as to when we're going to get to see the first full-blown trailer for Paul Feig's GHOSTBUSTERS. An announcement trailer over the weekend has now planted a flag in March 3, so you won't have to ponder any longer than that as to why Sony hasn't shown us anything yet for one of their big summer releases.

Normally I'd be morally opposed to even writing anything about such a teaser to the coming teaser, but given all the belly-aching that we've heard to this point about a movie no one has seen and the lack of footage to this point that somehow says something negative, I figured I'd let you take a look. After all, this contains the very first flashes of GHOSTBUSTERS footage Sony has chosen to reveal, so bask in it. You've got a couple weeks to go to see anything else.

GHOSTBUSTERS arrives in theaters on July 15.

Source: Sony Pictures



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