Firth's King Speech

Cage in McPhee

Colin Firth is truly one of my favorite actors working today, even though he indulges in the occasional MAMMA MIA. But even then, he's always a treat to watch. I like to think of him as a British Jeff Goldblum. With less freaky eyes.

The Weinstein Company acquired the rights to THE KINGS SPEECH which will reunite Firth with the unmatched Geoffrey Rush, under director Tom Hooper who recently brought the house down with HBO's John Adams mini.

The film will center on Firth as King George VI, father to Queen Elizabeth II so you know it'll take place a LOOOOONG time ago. The story follows George as he must overcome a terrible stutter before assuming the throne from his abdicating brother. Rush will play his quirky speech therapist, while Nic Cage is probably in talks to play Elisabeth. Jussssst kidding. Or am I...

Production is set for this fall, and chances are the Weinsteins bros will try to make this one their next Oscar bait; they've been itching to get back in that race big time since leaving Miramax behind. In the meantime, Firth will soon be seen alongside Ben Barnes in DORIAN GRAY.

Extra Tidbit: I've been meaning to watch THE LAST LEGION for a while but reviews are really a downer. Should I anyway?



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