Face-Off: Russell Crowe vs. Ryan Gosling

In our previous Face-Off, we kicked off CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR with a look back at IRON MAN and CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER. Most of you agreed IRON MAN is the better film, with some of you citing it as your favorite in the MCU. Those of you who prefer and THE FIRST AVENGER made great cases for your opinion, though, so it's good to see there's plenty of love for Cap's first outing.

This week, Shane Black's THE NICE GUYS hits theaters, and the trailers make it clear the leads played by Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling don't seem to get on very well, so let's see how the unlikely avian pair of crow and gosling fair in the arena. Gladiator vs. Mouseketeer... are you not entertained?!
Russell Crowe strikes a dashing figure and is one of the few major actors in Hollywood who can play both a burly imposing figure as well as a sensitive lead. People used to tell me I looked like Crowe when we were both sporting wavy hair, but then, I'm kinda funny looking.
Sorry, Russ, but Ryan Gosling is just a beautiful man. The actor has turned down People's "Sexiest Man Alive" multiple times and spawned a massive internet meme surrounding his handsomeness. Emma Stone telling a shirtless Gosling he looks Photoshopped comes to mind.
Not to go down the rabbit hole of personal life tabloid bullshit, but this is one of those cases of an actor's temper and bad behavior making the news on several occasions. It would be nice to say this doesn't affect his status an actor, but it's difficult sometimes to separate the man from the actor. Remember seeing WAR OF THE WORLDS right after Tom Cruise's Oprah appearance?
On all accounts, Ryan Gosling is one hell of a nice guy. He's had very little in the way of public controversy, is extremely kind to his fans, and has repeatedly taken a stance for feminism. Granted, it's foolish to say we actually know what these guys are like in real life, but based on the stories out there, Mickey would be proud.
Russell Crowe has knocked it out of the park time and time again, always giving exactly the performance asked of him and being recognized for his work multiple times. While he often plays similar characters, he has the range to play Maximus in GLADIATOR and John Nash in A BEAUTIFUL MIND and be awarded for both performances.
Ryan Gosling has also proven to be a damn fine actor, showing a natural talent from a young age and growing into more mature performances over the years. He tends to play the smooth, smirking heartthrob, but his performances in THE BELIEVER, STAY, and LARS AND THE REAL GIRL prove he's more than just a pretty face.
Russell Crowe has quite a bit of charm when he turns it on, but it's not necessarily central to his on or off-screen personality. Check out A GOOD YEAR for an entertainingly smooth Crowe.
Ryan Gosling's charisma is one of the main gadgets in his utility belt. Both on-screen and off, the man can charm the pants off the best of us. Check out CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE. and this Conan clip for good measure.
Crowe directed THE WATER DIVINER in 2014, which was met with lukewarm reviews and regarded as a shaky start for the first time director.
LOST RIVER, written and directed by Gosling also in 2014, received particularly poor reviews upon its release.

Even though Crowe's effort was somewhat more well-received, I'll call this one a tie, as it seems neither of these burgeoning filmmakers has found his footing in this department yet.
Oscars: 1 win, 2 nominations
Golden Globes: 1 win, 4 nominations
Screen Actors Guild: 1 win, 7 nominations
BAFTA: 1 win, 2 nominations
Oscars: 1 nomination
Golden Globes: 3 nominations
Screen Actors Guild: 3 nominations
These two aren't exactly going to be fighting over the same role very often, so it's not a one to one comparison. I'd rather see Russell Crowe play a warrior, and I'd rather see Ryan Gosling play the suave hotshot, but it feels like Russell Crowe's time in Hollywood has somewhat eroded his image and career over time, whereas Ryan Gosling's star is shining brighter than ever. Maybe we should come back in 15 years and compare a then 50 year-old Gosling to a now 50 year-old Crowe to be totally fair, but at the current moment I'm going with Gosling. What do you think? Am I way off? Let me hear it down below!

Agree? Disagree? Which do you prefer?

If you have a suggestion for a future Face-Off, let us know below or send me an email at [email protected].



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