Furious 7's James Wan being sought to direct Jason Momoa in Aquaman

When your latest film in a major studio franchise crosses the $500 million mark at the box office in just under a week, you better believe you will be in demand for every burgeoning franchise a studio is trying to cement. That would explain why Warner Bros is rumored to be pursuing FURIOUS 7 director James Wan to helm AQUAMAN.

The selection of Wan to helm the under sea entry in the DC Cinematic Universe is not a lock as Universal could exercise a contract option on the filmmaker to come back for the eight FAST AND FURIOUS film provided Justin Lin doesn't return or another filmmaker can be found. Wan came into FURIOUS 7 having never helmed a major studio film outside of the horror genre and has proved himself quite able. The question now becomes whether Universal wants to keep the franchise steady or try another director.

AQUAMAN is going to need someone with a unique sense of style to make it work as the character is not an easy sell to audiences. THOR worked under the traditional eye of Kenneth Branagh, but for AQUAMAN to really fit with the DC Universe, the movie needs to be big, brash, and most of all fun, all qualities Wan has brought to FURIOUS 7.

Most of all, it would be nice to see a win for Wan since he seemed like a career horror director with SAW, INSIDIOUS, and THE CONJURING. I will say that his abilities have approved versus weakened with each successive film and he would be an excellent choice to bring AQUAMAN to life.

AQUAMAN is slated to debut in theaters on July 27, 2018.



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