FX releases two new promos for X-Men TV series Legion starring Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens (THE GUEST) stars in LEGION, an FX-series set in the X-Men Cinematic Universe (according to Bryan Singer anyways) about a mutant with split-personalities and unimaginable power, who thinks he's crazy and spends his time in a psychiatric ward.

I'm not sure what I think of this just yet. On the one hand, the show looks visually interesting, and seems to have a more off-kilter/quirky tone than the mainstay X-MEN films. I also like Dan Stevens a lot, as he killed it in THE GUEST, and I'm looking forward to what he brings to this role. 

However, I'm not sure it feels like X-MEN enough, and I also fear that being connected to that universe (if that is indeed true) seems like it would limit the possibilities of the premise (because now we know he's a mutant, and so will the doctors treating him), meaning there's no mystery. 

But that might be fine! Here are some promos that show off more footage from the show:

Well, I'm more on board now than I was before. That first promo with Aubrey Plaza is hilarious, and something you wouldn't see in a mainstream superhero film. And the second one shows more off-beat humor as well. I'm thinking I might like this show.

But what do you all think? And do you feel this premise can stand on its own, or do you think it's benefitted by being connect to the XMCU (if that's the right acronym)?

LEGION premieres on FX early 2017

Extra Tidbit: Legion is Professor X's son in the Marvel comics.
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