Game of Thrones featurette delves into character

What makes GAME OF THRONES special - beyond the special effects, battle scenes, and boobies - is the show's characters, and the actors who portray them. While the show is great, it is indeed flawed and sometimes uneven, but we keep coming back because we need to know what is happening to these characters, are they going to be safe, will they be triumphant - or conversely - will they finally get their comeuppance? Sure dragons are cool and all, but if that's all was needed to make something great ERAGON would be a classic.

This is all to say that a new GAME OF THRONES featurette has been released by HBO, where showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss talk about what the characters were thinking, and the importance an actor plays, from last week's episode. Let's take a look:

Maybe it's just me, but I love GAME OF THRONES and behind-then-scenes stuff, especially when it comes to writers talking about the craft, and the reasons why certain decisions are made. I'll admit, their first meeting was electrifying to me as well, and I was glad it was fraught and tense, rather than fan-service-y like Dany's meeting with Tyrion (which was a scene I admittedly also enjoyed for different reasons). I'm fully on-board this season, even if the first two episodes - while really good - weren't great either.

Meanwhile, next week's episode will air this Sunday!

Extra Tidbit: I hope I die a badass like the Queen of Thorns. Though, if what the gypsy told me is true, it'll be on the toilet.
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