Game of Thrones featurette talks about the morality of Daenerys

I know there have been many complaints about the recent season of GAME OF THRONES - that it's too fan fiction-y, too sensationalized, and that it seems everyone has teleportation devices - but I don't care. I fucking love this season. And while, true, it's definitely been in much more of a blockbuster mode than previous seasons, I feel like it's earned. We've spent six years waiting for things to happen that are happening now - Jon meeting Daenerys, Dragons burning up armies, finally attacking the White Walkers - that there can't help be a bit of a charge as we see these things finally happen on screen.

The most recent GoT featurette talks about the thought-process behind many moments in the past episode - which admittedly was a bit of a comedown from that awesome Dragon attack last week. The creators talk about the morality of Daenerys' decision to burn the Tarleys, Arya's state of mind trying to outwit Littlefinger, and the role Davos and Gendry play and how that came to be. As someone who loves behind-the-scenes stuff, especially on the writing side (natch), that shit was like catnip to me.

Also, can't wait for the upcoming episode with the Westerosi Dirty Dozen taking on White Walkers! Who wants to start betting on a deadpool?

Meanwhile, you can see the next episode this Sunday!

Extra Tidbit: Holy shit, only two more episodes this season!
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