Go, Patty! Oprah & Ava DuVernay do a celebratory dance for Wonder Woman

Since Patty Jenkins WONDER WOMAN solo film opened in theaters this past weekend, the film has earned a total of over $300 million in box office receipts, making it the most successful film to come from a female director ever. Obviously, this is a cause for celebration, and both director Ava DuVernay and media queen Oprah Winfrey are looking to raise the roof for their sister in film. 

Yesterday, while doing press for their OWN network series QUEEN SUGAR, DuVernay and Winfrey had shared some kind words in regard to Patty's tremendous victory at the box office. While sitting beside Winfrey, DuVernay excitedly exclaimed, "I saw WONDER WOMAN over the weekend. I actually saw Patty yesterday and told her that when her name came up in the credits at the end of WONDER WOMAN, I cried. I shed a tear. I was so overcome and emotional with what she had done, knowing that she's done something that no other woman has ever done. And she did it so well. And the country and the world actually responded to it. The numbers around the world that that film has done proves that people are thirsty and hungry and craving more nuanced images of women. So I'm so proud of her, so excited." Winfrey then echoed DuVernay's remarks with her own before both ladies burst into song and dance.

You can check out their display of supportive girl power by watching the video posted in the tweet below:

As of the moment, WONDER WOMAN continues to be one of the best reviewed comic book-related films of all time. Be sure to catch Diana in action by checking out the film which is in theaters right now.

Extra Tidbit: More than anything, I'd love for DuVernay to direct a Storm solo film.
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