God's Not Dead 3: A Light in Darkness reveals new cast and plot details

I love the GOD'S NOT DEAD films. They are batshit insane, with atrocious production values, awful acting, and terrible plots that rival Tommy Wiseau and Neil Breen joints. It must be noted this isn't anything against religious films (many of the best films have religious themes - go see Martin Scorsese's SILENCE if you haven't already), just these films in general. On the plus side, get a few drinks, and they become some of the best comedies ever.

Anyway, a third film is on the way, because the other two were amazingly successful. And here's the plot synopsis:

"God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness" follows Reverend Dave as he is released from prison to a flurry of controversy. The growing social unrest leads to Dave's church being burned down, a fire with tragic results.

Devastated, Dave is launched on a painful spiritual journey as he fights against the university trying to keep him from rebuilding his church, as his belief that "God is good all the time" is put to the test. Along the way, Dave enlists the help of his estranged atheist brother who will support Dave in his legal fight, but also challenges him to recognize that sometimes fighting doesn't require defeating those we disagree with, but rather finding a way to heal, and to rebuild.

Featured in the film are actors David A.R. White as Pastor Dave; John Corbett ("Northern Exposure") who plays Pastor Dave's estranged brother, Pierce; and Jennifer Taylor, Pastor Dave's new love interest Meg. In addition, Ted McGinley (Thomas Ellsworth), Academy Award-winning actress Tatum O'Neal (Barbara Solomon) will join the cast with Benjamin Onyango (Reverend Jude), and returning from part one, Shane Harper (Josh).

Wow, huh. That plot synopsis honestly doesn't sound batshit insane, like the other two. Not only is there the fact that it seems to have an atheist character shown in a positive light, but that character also apparently "challenges [Pastor Dave] to recognize that sometimes fighting doesn't require defeating those we disagree with." I'm still wary that the Pure Flix guys can grasp the kind of nuance and ambiguity needed to make this story work (or even if they did, the gumption to go through with it, while possibly alienating their more fundamentalist viewership). I'm also 90% sure this is just a shallow attempt to be more "mainstream" and court secular viewers. But, honestly, I'd prefer hollow pandering that could potentially change a few more centrist Christian minds to not be so hateful, rather than turning them the other direction. So I'll take what I can get. 

Then again, I was looking forward to another great bad movie night, so it might still be a net loss. God damn.

Meanwhile, GOD'S NOT DEAD 3 will bless theaters March 30th, 2018.

Extra Tidbit: I'm wondering where GOD'S NOT DEAD 4 will go next. Maybe space?
Source: Christian Post



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