Goldar design revealed for Power Rangers reboot

I've been a big champion for the POWER RANGERS reboot for a while now. The concept of kung-fu teen superheroes who fight giant monsters in large robots that also do kung-fu is awesome, no matter how you put it. And while the original show was hampered by low-budgets and catered to little children, the reboot has the luxury of a large budget and looks to appealing to a more mature audience (though hopefully still enjoyable to little children as well). 

One of the coolest monsters in the original show was Goldar, who despite the camp surrounding him, still came out looking badass. Now we get our first look at the dude in this toy commercial (where we seem to be getting all our first looks at designs for this movie):

He looks...fine. Having seen an early preview of the film, I can also say he has a MUCH different origin than the show, and without giving too much away, the design certainly reflects that. As someone who never really watched the show as a kid, and whose excitement is based on the potential of the concept and not necessarily some sort of nostalgia for the source material, I think that's okay.

But what do you guys think? Sound off below!

Meanwhile, POWER RANGERS will "Go, Go" to theaters March 24th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: Goldar was the first giant monster the Power Rangers ever fought on the show, and one of the few to survive the encounter.
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