Golden Age trailer!

I haven't seen ELIZABETH, but from what I saw of the new trailer for the upcoming follow-up movie, THE GOLDEN AGE, I'm pretty sure I'll be seeing this one. I've spoken before about my distaste for war movies, but I'll generally watch them just to see what all the fuss is about. Period pieces, however, are something I ususally steer clear from like I would a crack den. So to say I want to see this is a pretty strong statement. I thought the trailer started off a little weak, but after the phrase "you are a very great lady" which sounds stupid to me, everything goes wonderfully, especially Clive Owen looking all mantastic and Cate Blanchett showing us why she's one of the best actresses on the planet.

Rounding out the cast is Geoffrey Rush (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN), future Oscar-winner Samantha Morton (MINORITY REPORT), and Abbie Cornish (STOP LOSS), who may or may not be responsible for suddenly making Reese Witherspoon hot. Click HERE for the trailer.
Extra Tidbit: ELIZABETH was John Gielgud's final film.
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