Guillermo del Toro talks Dark Universe and possible continuity with Man of Steel

The one Guillermo del Toro project I need constant updates on is DARK UNIVERSE, better known as the Justice League Dark movie. While the actual JUSTICE LEAGUE movie seems to be in some sort of limbo, this one is finding a way to keep chugging along. During press for PACIFIC RIM, Del Toro was asked where the flick was at currently by MTV:

"I'm writing it right now. I'm re-writing the outline. We have a writer that we are waiting for so I said to Warner's that I will rewrite the outline in the meantime."

With the success of MAN OF STEEL and the rebuilding of the DC universe, MTV wondered if DARK UNIVERSE would be separate or if there would be continuity to which del Toro responded:

"I think the great thing about the Dark Universe is that you have this possibility of basically creating a supernatural group and you can play with different roles but I would love to see the DC universe become as coshesive as the Marvel film universe and if there is any correlation I will honor it."

Justice League Dark is a team-up of John Constantine, Swamp Thing, the Demon, Deadman, the Spectre and Zatanna. They will take the underground paths and do the jobs that JLA won't be doing. They find the things that go bump in the night and often deal with the supernatural. Definitely an area that del Toro is familiar with. I hope this really does work out, and that we get to see a diverse cast on board this thing.

Source: MTV



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