Has a movie ever made you cry?

There is a video making its way around the internet featuring two preteen boys reacting to the ending of Disney's THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN. Granted, the video has spoilers related to the ending of the movie, but I am sure you can probably deduce what happens that would make them break down like this.

Check out the video.

Seeing these two kids react like this with create two types of people: those that call the kids a pair of pussies and those that can relate to having a movie affect them in such an emotional way. After watching these kids, it made me think back to the movies that made me cry when I was a kid. I think the first movie that made me break into tears was E.T. I remember seeing them try to resuscitate E.T. while Elliot screamed for the doctors to stop killing him. Gets me every time. Or it could have been THE NEVERENDING STORY when Atreyu is begging Artax to make it out of the Swamp of Sadness. F**king brutal scene.

The power of a good movie is when it can provoke an emotional reaction out of the viewer. As I got older and had kids, movies like CHILDREN OF MEN struck me more. Imagining a world without children was unbearable to me. MARLEY & ME got me good too, even though I am not really a dog person. Even last year's NEVER LET ME GO really hit me hard.

I have not seen THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN yet, but this video actually made me want to see it more. I love that these kids felt an emotional connection to the movie. It shows that not everything has to be a soulless, CGI filled spectacle. There can still be a world where movies make you feel something deeply.

Extra Tidbit: What was the first movie that made you cry?
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