He-Man's new home

HE-MAN recently wandered away from Warner Bros. and producer Joel Silver, but apparently he's already found a comfy new home.

The Mattel property has landed at Sony, with production company Escape Artists (KNOWING, TAKING OF PELHAM 123) sharpening the Sword of Power.

Mattel had disagreed with the previous direction of the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, a more edgy and adult take in the vein of LORD OF THE RINGS from omnipresent screenwriter Justin Marks. A new writer and director are expected for Sony's version (KUNG FU PANDA director John Stevenson was on the project at WB).

The famous 80s fantasy cartoon and toy line revolved around an obscenely muscular dude who rode a green tiger and used "the power of Grayskull" to battle his nemesis Skeletor and his evil cohorts. It became a live-action 1987 flick with Dolph Lundgren as the hero, although the movie was perhaps most notable for featuring veteran actor Frank Langella as the skull-faced villain.

Extra Tidbit: Vocal comic artist John Byrne once posited that the He-Man universe was essentially a ripoff of Jack Kirby's Fourth World/New Gods (with Darkseid being the Skeletor equivalent).
Source: THR



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