Hear Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone sing in La La Land audio clip

LA LA LAND is shaping up to be one of the big Oscar hits of the year. The movie continues to rack up stellar reviews, and with director Damien Chazelle coming hot off the incredible WHIPLASH from 2014 it’s really shaping up to make a big splash at any and all upcoming award ceremonies. Though that will be a big contributing factor for the movie's (hopeful) box office success, and equally enticing reason to see the flick will be to hear stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling serenade each other with their smooth vocals under the California sky. Or you can just skip paying for that and listen to it here in this new audio clip for the song, City of Stars. Sure, you don’t get any visuals but, hey, you already know what the two look like.

Have a listen below!

The song itself has an ethereal, lullaby quality to it, made all the more perfect by Stone and Gosling's vocals. I think I was right in using the word “smooth” to describe the stars’ singing voices, as they’re not big and commanding, but sweet and intimate making them perfect to duet with. If the video does anything it’s entice me to see how the two fare with the rest of the movie's music, while leaving me in relentless anticipation for the rest of the soundtrack, which is out December 9. I can’t exactly be called a fan of most movie musicals, but LA LA LAND is surely on my list as one of my most anticipated movies left to go this year. Although, Emma Stone has a long way to go to beat Russell Crowe as the perfect Ryan Gosling companion. Those two were made for each other, dammit!

LA LA LAND dances it's way into theaters December 16.

Source: Lionsgate



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