Helen Mirren to play a cursing queen in Tarantino's next?

Quentin Tarantino wants Helen Mirren for his next film? I'd be inclined to believe this if it didn't come from The Sun.

Digital Spy reports via The Sun that Mirren has been approached to play a foul-mouthed Medieval queen. Here's what the close source of The Sun said about this mystery film, "It will feature his trademarks - bloody violence and foul language. Helen has never worked with Tarantino and is interested. If the film goes into production it's likely she will play a part." I'll believe it when I see it.

Plus, isn't Tarantino already swamped with projects? Not that I doubt he'd add more. He says he's not too far from doing KILL BILL 3. Then there's the INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS prequel, a FASTER, PUSSYCAT KILL KILL remake still floating around, a Western, and whatever else is stewing around in that crazy brain of his. It's not that this news is impossible, it's just where it's coming from. I'd love to see Mirren as a monarch from the Tarantino perspective, but my heart won't be broken if it never happens.

So, if your buddy comes up to you and says, "I hear Helen Mirren is playing a Queen in the new Tarantino movie." It's a safe bet to just say no.

Extra Tidbit: Fact: Helen Mirren still looks smokin' in a bathing suit.
Source: Digital Spy



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