Here's some concept art from Monsters University for you to love

Monsters U header

I'm pretty sure that anyone out there who somehow doesn't enjoy Pixar films can, at the very least, agree that they create a visually stunning product time and time again.  And it's no surprise to me that the concept art for one of those "visually stunning" products would be anything less than visually stunning itself.

So here we are with some pre-production pictures for MONSTERS UNIVERSITY, and if there's anything bad about them it's that they immediately make me wish the entire film was animated in this particular art style. 

Monsters U concept art

Monsters U concept art 2

On a small side note, a closer look at the date below the MU crest reads "1313."  Seeing that makes me hope that MONSTERS UNIVERSITY will go not just into the origin of the relationship between Mike and Sully, but also into the origins of the University and the Monster world itself.

But I guess I'll just have to wait until MONSTERS UNIVERSITY rushes theaters (in 3D) on June 21st, 2013 to find out.

Extra Tidbit: Looking at the first picture somehow immediately inspired me to think of the show "Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends." Which is another property I'd love to see on the big screen.
Source: Stitch Kingdom



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