Here's what Flash and Cyborg could've looked like in Justice League

So anyone else still excited about JUSTICE LEAGUE besides me? Because I understand the "three strikes you're out rule" (my love of MAN OF STEEL has been documented many times on this site, although for many people SUICIDE SQUAD was their last straw), but goddamn if I'm not an easy lay for DC shit. WONDER WOMAN looks amazing (still iffy on the whole WWI/she eventually gives up being a superhero at some point thing, but the film as a stand-alone, divorced from future plots, looks badass) as does JUSTICE LEAGUE (which finally has jokes!)

However, I have to admit, even though I liked most of what I saw in that trailer, the costumes have been meh so far (beyond Wonder Woman and Batman, who I think both look great). Flash's costume in particular just looks too f*cking armored and busy. Flash should be streamlined and sleek, not bulky and cumbersome.

But it could've been worse! Here are some prototypes of the costumes:


Oof. To be fair, Flash's might've been used for the "Knightmare" sequence in BATMAN V SUPERMAN (judging by the way the helmet seems to pop open like in that scene), but it's still not great regardless. And it's even more bulky and de-saturated than the one we ended up with! And Cyborg, while it's actually not a bad design on its own, I still do prefer the one they ended up with. It's always better to be able to actually see the actor's face (or a part of it) to help empathize with the hero. And, unlike something like Iron Man, it looks like that would be Cyborg's head and not a helmet that you could just cut to an insert of the actor's face with.

Though, I will say, as designs out-of-context, these designs do look cool. However, they just don't seem to really fit the characters all that well (which is par the course for these Zack Snyder films, even major parts of  MAN OF STEEL *cough*breaking necks to learn not to kill*cough*).

Anyway, what do you guys think? You prefer the costumes seen in the trailer? Or are you a crazy person and actually like these prototypes?

Extra Tidbit: In JUSTICE LEAGUE MORTAL, to be directed by George Miller back in 2007, The Flash was to be played by Adam Brody and killed off at the end.
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