Here's your first look at Jason Statham in Steven Knight's directorial debut Hummingbird

Every once in awhile, a film flies under my radar. This would be the one for this month.

EASTERN PROMISES writer Steven Knight is taking on his first directorial debut with HUMMINGBIRD. The movie stars Jason Statham as, "a man with a tragic past, living life as an upper class Londoner, who has to hunt down the dudes who killed his girlfriend". Will this be the usual for Statham? Will he be kicking ass and taking more names? Kind of hard to get sick of that especially if Statham is the star...or Liam Neeson.

The first still from the film shows Statham standing outside of what looks like an arcade. Maybe it's a Dave & Busters? Do they have those in England? Is the food still sort of shitty? Did he lose all his credits on the Alien Vs. Predator game? Is that why he has that serious look on his face? Yeah, probably not. He's probably talking to someone who has a lead on who killed his girlfriend or the guy who whacked her himself.

Check it out below.

Source: IndieWireKinopoisk



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