Hey buddddyyy! Pauly Shore wants Encino Man 2 to happen

encino man

Something tells me that due to the success of DUMB AND DUMBER TO, we are going to be reading a lot more stories like this. The 90s are alive with sequels my friends; JURASSIC WORLD and TERMINATOR: GENISYS hit next year and now another classic film (sure why not?) is looking to be part of it all as Pauly Shore is hoping we see the sequel ENCINO MAN 2. The actor says he has been “talking about it” to his agent, and even called on fans to help make it happen.

Speaking with Variety Shore says:

“Encino Man 2 — let’s do it,” he said. “My agent and I are talking about it.”

He went on to say that Shawn Schepps, who wrote the 1992 original, has an idea for the story but hasn't written it yet. I have a hard time believing this will ever happen, but hell I would have said that about JOE DIRT 2 and that is actually happening. If you recall, ENCINO MAN followed two California teenagers (Shore and Sean Astin) who discover a frozen caveman (Brendan Fraser) in their backyard. It was pretty fun to watch as a kid, I would say it's up there with CLUELESS when talking about movie gems from the 90s. It went on to earn $40 million on just a $7 million budget; I’m as surprised as you are that there wasn’t already a sequel.

Would you be up for an ENCINO MAN sequel? If you are, Shore asks that you "Tweet @Brendan and @SeanAstin and @Disney."

Source: Variety



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