Hitman releases operatic season finale trailer

HITMAN has been around for awhile now, with two shitty movie adaptations under its belt. The games are a mix of action and stealth, with a lot of options of how to kill people (or not kill people, depending on the situation). Though it's always been strange how people accept a tall, bald guy with a barcode on his neck in any situation, especially when he's impersonating other races or stealing clothes from people half his size. But I digress...

Recently, the HITMAN game has been released like a TELLTALE game, with different "episodes" in a "season". And the last episode, taking place in Japan, was just released yesterday.

Here's a teaser trailer for it and the rest of the season. Enjoy:

Looks pretty cool. Though I've always had a soft spot for the games. Like when I killed an entire party in HITMAN 2 and then placed all the bodies in compromising positions and laughed and laughed. Hmm, typing that out just now, I realized I was kind of a f*cked up kid...

Anyway, you can buy the final episode or the entire first season of HITMAN right now.

Extra Tidbit: Timothy Olyphant starred as the original Agent 47 in the first HITMAN film.
Source: YouTube



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