Hobbit begins!

TheOneRing.net is reporting a scoop that the scripting process on the Guillermo Del Toro directed adaptation of THE HOBBIT has begun. One of their tipsters writes that:

“Ive just got home from an early screening of Hellboy II The Golden Army hosted by PopcornTaxi at the Greater Union Cinema in Sydney, where Guillermo did a telephone Q & A from Berlin after the film…The last question though related to the Hobbit - and Guillermo said that although there was nothing to add at the moment - he can say that scripting has started - and he described the process as something ‘beautiful.‘”

One really has to wonder what is beautiful in Guillermo Del Toro's head. Because it sure as shit isn't what regular people consider it to be. I'm pretty certain that his dream chick has wings, a mythic destiny and a culinary predilection for the stewed brains of the damned. Put that description on Craigslist and I bet you ten bucks Del Toro's people get in touch with you. But whatever, man. I'm not judging.
Extra Tidbit: Del Toro once dated the Loch Ness Monster. She never got over it.
Source: TheOneRing.net



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