Hobo with a brand new red-band trailer!

"Welcome to f*ck town!"

HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN is a hell of a gruesome ol' time. A throwback to the Troma films of decades past, the Rutger Hauer actioner was released in Canada last week, and will be premiering tomorrow here in the States on VOD, iTunes, and Amazon. No foolin'!

To promote that, a brand new red-band trailer has surfaced from the gutters, courtesy of IGN. Check it out below!

HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN hits U.S. theaters on May 6th.

Synopsis: A vigilante homeless man pulls into a new city and finds himself trapped in urban chaos, a city where crime rules and where the city's crime boss reigns. Seeing an urban landscape filled with armed robbers, corrupt cops, abused prostitutes and even a pedophile Santa, the Hobo goes about bringing justice to the city the best way he knows how - with a 20-gauge shotgun. Mayhem ensues when he tries to make things better for the future generation. Street justice will indeed prevail.

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Source: IGN



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