"Holy chimichanga!" First reactions to Deadpool arrive

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A couple of special screenings of an unfinished version of DEADPOOL were held last night, and Twitter has been flooded with the first reactions to the comic book movie, describing it as "phenomenal" and "f*cking amazing." It should be noted though that these people are more than likely hardcore fans of the Merc with the Mouth, and they were also probably a little excited to check out a movie a month before it officially opens. But based on the tweets below, it seems most had a fun time with the film, and it definitely sounds like DEADPOOL will live up to the hype.

Although these early reactions are pretty positive, I'm very curious to see how casual moviegoers will react to the R-rated superhero flick. He's certainly a more well-known character than, say, Kick-Ass, however I am a tad worried that it won't have a strong box office run. How much do you think DEADPOOL will end up earning domestically?

DEADPOOL will slice his way into theaters on February 12.



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