Hulu developing a revival of Veronica Mars with Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell may still have more mysteries to solve as a revival of Veronica Mars is currently in the works at Hulu. Before you begin leaping about with excitement, it should be noted that a deal for the series revival hasn't yet closed, but if it does, Kristen Bell is slated to return as the title character and series creator Rob Thomas will also be serving as writer.

It's currently unknown what the story-line for the Veronica Mars revival would be or if any other of the original stars besides Kristen Bell will return, but it's expected that several may be approached once the deal is sealed. The original series ran for three seasons between 2004-2007 and centered on Veronica Mars (Bell), a student who moonlighted as a private investigator under the tutelage of her detective father. While working on various stand-alone cases, the first two seasons of the series found Mars also attempting to solve more complex mysteries. Following the cancellation of the series, Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for a feature film which was released in 2014. Production on the potential revival would likely need to shoot around Bell's commitments on NBC's The Good Place, but it shouldn't be an issue as it's been said that the revival will take the form of an eight-episode limited-series.

What are your thoughts on the potential return of Veronica Mars?

Source: Variety



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