I Want That: An incredibly detailed miniature of the Seinfeld apartment

With few exceptions, there aren't many sitcoms out there which I can watch again and again, but Seinfeld is certainly one of them. The iconic series made stars out of Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards and Jason Alexander, as well as coining dozens of sayings which still pop up today. Jerry's apartment is every bit as iconic as the series itself, and now you can bring it home for yourself, albeit in miniature form. Limited to just 5000 pieces, this 1:26 scale model of the Seinfeld apartment set is incredibly detailed with over 100 unique miniature elements, including the furniture, bicycle on the wall, lighting fixtures and even a working version of Jerry’s front door.

The miniature will be released in June, but if you pre-order before March 1st, the set can be yours for $399.99. A little pricey to be sure, but there are more than a few Seinfeld fans out there who would consider that to be a deal.



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