I Want That: Man of Steel figures from Sideshow and Hot Toys

Upon seeing the new releases for Sideshow's Premium Format MAN OF STEEL figure and Hot Toys 1/6 scale MAN OF STEEL figures it took all the patience I could muster to not jump on the preorder superhighway. Why? Because as cool as they looked, I still had to find out if MAN OF STEEL was, in fact, a great movie, which would justify the cost and display of said figure(s). I thought GREEN LANTERN was going to be cool, too, but thankfully there were no figures like this up for preorder prior to the film's release or I'd have some hidden shame somewhere in my house (along with all those STAR WARS: EPISODE 1 figures in the crawl space).

Thankfully, I walked out of the theater last night after witnessing the exhausting awesomeness that is MAN OF STEEL and could fully justify preordering this new MAN OF STEEL Premium Format Figure from Sideshow (just don't tell my wife), which I think is the most impressive of the two. Make no mistake, Sideshow's Premium Format Figure's aren't "figures" in the traditional sense. They're basically clothed statues, which makes them that much cooler. Hot Toys 1/6 scale figures are nothing short of great as well, but are much more poseable and articulated, so if you like to customize your displays, the Hot Toys version may be for you. Seriously, if you've never owned a Hot Toys figure from any number of their properties, now's a good time to remedy that. They are amazing.

The best thing about ordering from Sideshow Toy is that you can do installment payments, which is the smart way to go if you ask me. You may balk at the initial overall cost, but the breakdown of monthly installments is more than fair and adjustable to fit your budget. Take a gander at these bad boys below and head to their respective sites for preorder if you're feeling up to it.

MAN OF STEEL Premium Format Figure (Sideshow Toy):

MAN OF STEEL 1/6 scale figure (Hot Toys):

MAN OF STEEL is currently in theaters.



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