I Want That: Red Skull figure from Sideshow Collectibles

Did you get a little behind on Christmas shopping? Did you forget someone? Did you get an epic gift card? Or are you ready to finally get a figure from Sideshow Collectibles? This might be the score for you.

I know Red Skull is a favorite around these parts so here's an amazing figure that would be an awesome addition to your collection. Because why would you consider Captain America when you can have this little slice of evil? I'd take both but if I have to choose between the two, but this Red Skull figure packs some major personality.

Take a look at the description and photos below. The price starts at $369.99 but you can do a payment plan if you need it that badly. For more info, head here.

"Curse you, Rogers!"

Marvel's first and most enduring supervillain rises up against freedom, liberty and above all, his sworn enemy, Captain America, with the Sideshow Collectibles Red Skull - Allied Charge on Hydra Premium Format Figure.

Braced for battle on a World War II era cobblestone base, the ruthless Red Skull plots his course of destruction, eager to crush all those who oppose or stand in his way. The nefarious leader of the Hydra terrorist organization proudly bears his evil insignia in hand-tailored German style military fatigues and a full length trenchcoat, ready to shoot from the hip at any moment. Thwarted for the last time, Herr Schmidt confronts his rival with a menacing grin or, with the Sideshow Exclusive swap-out portrait, a scowling portrayal of his classic visage.

An impressive tribute to the timeless villain, Red Skull is the perfect complement to the Captain America - Allied Charge on Hydra Premium Format Figure (sold separately), and a remarkable addition to any Marvel collection!

Source: Sideshow



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