Poll: What MCU super power would you want the most?

With super powers ranging from flying to invisibility on full display in 33 released films, what MCU character has the super powers you would most want?

The MCU is home to countless heroes that fans have come to know and love - but some of them have had harder upbringings than others.

For this weeks poll, we wanted to take it back to that childhood game of “If you could have a super power, what super power would you want?” With The Marvels landing in first place this weekend, we figured it would make sense to make it Marvel-centric and ask if you could possess the power of any of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s characters, who would it be? If you have a more villainous side and a character like Loki is more your speed, click the other button and let us know why in the comments.

What MCU character's super powers would you want the most?

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